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Human Plight

February 9, 2017

“Human Plight”

Haunting similarity

Like agonal respirations succumbing to suffocation

Happiness is pre packaged silicone insanity

Humanity is bleak, the strong willingly become weak

Flags fuel social media wars and we subscribe and hashtag ourselves into shackles

Enemies are no longer needed the machine has succeded

Hate me and I’ll hate you all in the name of being right only to prove you wrong

Am I an Orwellian unperson or merely a perversion of his fundamental version

Look closely you may see the diamond above my head,

Click, alt, delete and I’ll be dead

False creators turned debaters, but not the great kind,

Better rewind these are nothing more than haters

In this age of technology there is no psychology

Only mechanical and oppressive progressive methodology

Rivers turn yellow as I look to the fellow sitting adjacent

But he’s plugged in, unplugged, lifeless; complacent.

Wander the streets among the walking and see who’s actually talking

Quick to hide their suffering by a quick “Hang on, it’s buffering”

Followed only by the muffle of a brisk retreating shuffle

You need gigabytes while some kill for just one more bite

Delusional necessity remains the human plight…

-Tactical Moses ©2015


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