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March 5, 2016

Some years ago a project took place out West. It was an undertaking to create an environment inside a bio dome. The motives for such a project can be debated. However, some of the findings should rally us all to a common understanding. The ecosystem inside this man made shell began to thrive. All the needed ingredients for healthy life was granted to this mini earth. Plants began to spread across the landscape and trees began to reach for the sky. They grew tall and chased the sun. The trees grew and grew until one day they began to fall over before reaching maturity. Seemingly strong and showing no visible signs of damage and yet they just fell to the ground. Baffled at the sight, questions began to circulate. Where had they gone wrong? They nurtured the trees. Water and sunlight were readily available. They removed outside influence that may hinder their ability to grow. Indeed they had. No polution… chainsaws…… no wind….. This is where the masterpiece starts to reveal itself. By sheltering the trees completely from the wind they removed the source of the their strength. The trees grew up weak. Not weak from malnutrition but simply the inability to know how to be strong. In nature, it is this force exerted on the bark and that which blows through its branches that prompts the tree to root deep and strong into the earth. The wind pushes on the tree and the tree instinctively digs deeper.


I’m reminded of a time not long ago when my son played Pop Warner. I would randomly walk by him and push him from one side. The push was firm enough to uproot his weak stance and usually cause him to fall down. He would always ask “Dad, why did you push me down?” My answer was always the same, “I only pushed you son. You fell down because your foundation is weak”. It didn’t take long for him to adjust his stance and dig his roots into the ground. To be strong requires training. To be truly strong requires trust in the training. Your magnificently created by the almighty creator. Just as God created the trees, He also created you. His divine training for the trees serves as a model so we can better trust his plan. Keep this in mind, the wind moves at the hand of God almighty himself. Certainly if the wind moves through your branches and pushes on you, it does so with God’s permission. Hardships come and go just as the seasons do. Understand that when times get hard and you feel like you can’t go any further, that is the moment where your destiny is forged. God does not raise up a spirit of weakness or fear. The blood of a champion surges through your heart. When you accept these truths and trust in the almighty then you are truly set apart. Welcome the wind when it blows over you and you begin to feel tired. Push forward and through your adversity shout “this is my proving ground and I’m here to do work!”


~Chris Crider 2016


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