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By it’s very definition we’re conditioned with inherent desire to purge our own disposition

Is it not enough to just be? It’s only me…. what’s with the grand inquisition?

Your societal solution disguised as a resolution suggests there’s something wrong

That argument is weak at best and truly sheds light on your own inability to be strong

Your circular reasoning is wasted on this vessel floating on the same waters as you

Sociopath because I peer through it’s surface and see more than just your contorted skew

North is still North and the depths are real, if I follow the stars and the wind, it’s of no consequence

Instead of admiring beauty and accepting it’s beautiful you most assuredly seek evidence

These sails are not sewn by the fabric woven of secular mechanical vernacular

These threads are hand stitched from the depths of my soul and each one magnificently spectacular

-Tactical Moses ©2016

Today is the day and now is the time to challenge your writing. I often hear of writers who complain of being stuck or not knowing how to start writing. Well, here’s a challenge for you to get those words moving across the page. Let’s see what sparks for you. Who knows, you may very […]

via The Write Spark #9: What story can you tell? — The Story Psychologist

Human Plight

“Human Plight”

Haunting similarity

Like agonal respirations succumbing to suffocation

Happiness is pre packaged silicone insanity

Humanity is bleak, the strong willingly become weak

Flags fuel social media wars and we subscribe and hashtag ourselves into shackles

Enemies are no longer needed the machine has succeded

Hate me and I’ll hate you all in the name of being right only to prove you wrong

Am I an Orwellian unperson or merely a perversion of his fundamental version

Look closely you may see the diamond above my head,

Click, alt, delete and I’ll be dead

False creators turned debaters, but not the great kind,

Better rewind these are nothing more than haters

In this age of technology there is no psychology

Only mechanical and oppressive progressive methodology

Rivers turn yellow as I look to the fellow sitting adjacent

But he’s plugged in, unplugged, lifeless; complacent.

Wander the streets among the walking and see who’s actually talking

Quick to hide their suffering by a quick “Hang on, it’s buffering”

Followed only by the muffle of a brisk retreating shuffle

You need gigabytes while some kill for just one more bite

Delusional necessity remains the human plight…

-Tactical Moses ©2015

“I Am”

“I am”

I’m a single child with four brothers and two sisters,

Two brothers from another mother, and a sister from another mister.

-Tactical Moses ©2015

“I Have No Reply Sir”

“No reply sir.”

The sun spies through the trees and the breeze brushes across the cheeks of heroes past, with brittle bodies they’re still at attention with crisp uniforms and a love for their country that will forever last.

Here we gather also with them in quiet observance of their courage strength and grace. Their pain spills out upon us, all knowing someone else has died in their place.

May the yolk of grief be at least on this day, something we all can share. Please our Lord, never let their pain be more than they can bear.

As each name of a fallen hero is read, and emotions begin to stir. A salute; a single ring of the bell; and, “I have no reply sir”.

My tears try to hide as the doves released are flying now high above, search as I may, no words can be found to express my eternal love.

The sun spies through the trees and the breeze brushes across the cheeks of heroes past, with brittle bodies they’re still at attention with crisp uniforms and a love for their country that will forever last.

In memory of all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

-Tactical Moses ©2011

How To Fund A Wall In 2017….

Building walls is not a new concept. Walls have been built for centuries. Walls served as protection, border control, a means of regulation for goods and many other things. Are they divisive? Certainly they are. They were divisive throughout the ages and are still divisive today. C’mon, we’ve probably all had the talk with our neighbors at one point regarding putting up a fence around our yard. Was it awkward? What was the reason? Privacy? Security? In our modern society it is an accepted practice to fence in what we see as “ours”. In reality none of this is really ours, but I digress. So the person building the fence will generally pay for it. However sometimes both parties along the fence would benefit, thus sharing in the cost. Ultimately it will be the wall builder’s burden to figure out how to pay for the project. So here we are today. The same historical divisiveness plasters the headlines and spills into the streets in protest. We’re quivering on the brink of the quagmire  so to speak. Some say we should “build walls”, others say “build bridges”. Here’s a thought; how about build both. Is it possible? How ironic, that the very wall that divides us internally as a nation, can be not only an instrument of unity, but also economic strength. Arguably the two main reasons for the wall are security risks and economic burden brought on by uncontrolled immigration. For the record, I completely agree. There are other concerns I’m sure. One underlying issue that I think most Americans are afraid to openly admit is the animosity they harbor towards immigrants. Americans are hurting financially and the thought of others skirting paying taxes causes deep rooted resentment. Factor in rising healthcare costs that we feel every payday and those feelings of resentment will naturally manifest. Are immigrants bad people? You can see how loaded that question is so I’ll leave it right there to consider. (*hint…. Ellis Island)

So here we go….. Immediate implementation of the fair tax will fund the wall and resolve at least two of the big concerns. 

#1. The economic burden caused by uncontrolled immigration would be crushed. I’ve heard estimates as high as thirteen trillion dollars would flow into our economy. Because it’s a consumption tax, everyone would pay taxes. That is how the wall will be paid for. A link for more in depth look at the economic benefits can be found here The Fair Tax is not only logical and feasible but it’s also humane and good for America. Spoiler alert: No more income tax! Click the link. (I have no other ties or interest other than full support of the fair tax. Just so ya know)

2. Security is a matter of proactive and reactive measures and both require funding. The fair tax would provide the funding needed to do a better job to protect our borders. The wall could be built and staffed. Also short term housing could be provided during the entrance process. Immunizations and background checks can be done. There’s more to securing our borders than just a physical wall. Along with securing our borders come the responsibility of being humane about it. We are a compassionate country and we mustn’t stray from humanity. However we must do it responsibly. 

3. The fair tax would also level the playing field. This would be the “bridge building effect” previously mentioned. Build the wall with fair tax funded money and everyone will pay for it. No picking and choosing, or pointing fingers. If you’re living and spending money in America you will pay for the wall. Whether you’re an immigrant, nomad, tourist, white, black, asian, latino, it doesn’t matter. Imagine a country where the people that reap the harvest of all it has to offer, sew back into it a personal investment every day. 

The fair tax has a critical role in effective and fair immigration policy. The fair tax is good for America. Regardless of your political views, it’s time to press upon this administration to get it implemented immediately. 

~TM 2017


Some years ago a project took place out West. It was an undertaking to create an environment inside a bio dome. The motives for such a project can be debated. However, some of the findings should rally us all to a common ground that removes all debate. The ecosystem inside this man made shell began to thrive. All the needed ingredients for healthy life was granted to this mini earth. Plants began to spread across the landscape and trees began to reach for the sky. They grew tall and chased the sun. The trees grew and grew until one day they began to fall over before reaching maturity. Seemingly strong showing no visible signs of damage and yet they just fell to the ground. Baffled at the sight questions began to circulate. Where had they gone wrong? They nurtured the trees. Water and sunlight were readily available. They removed outside influence that may hinder their ability to grow. Indeed they had. No polution… chainsaws…… no wind….. This is where the masterpiece starts to reveal itself. By sheltering the trees completely from the wind they removed the source of the their strength. The trees grew up weak. Not weak from malnutrition but simply the inability to know how to be strong. In nature, it is this force exerted on the bark and that which blows through its leaves that prompts the tree to root deep and strong into the earth. The wind pushes on the tree and the tree instinctively digs deeper.


I’m reminded of a time not long ago when my son played Pop Warner. I would randomly walk by him and push him from one side. The push was firm enough to uproot his weak stance and usually cause him to fall down. He would always ask “dad, why did you push me down?” My answer was always the same, “I only pushed you son. You fell down because your foundation is weak”. It didn’t take long for him to adjust and dig his roots into the ground. To be strong requires training. To be truly strong requires trust in the training. Your magnificently created by the almighty creator. Just as God created the trees, He also created you. His divine training for the trees serves as a model so we can better trust his plan. Keep this in mind, the wind moves at the hand of God almighty himself. Certainly if the wind moves through your branches and pushes on you, it does so with God’s permission. Hardships come and go just as the seasons do. Be like the trees that chase the sun except chase the Son. Understand that when times get hard and you feel like you can’t go any further, that is the moment where your destiny is forged. God does not raise up a spirit of weakness or fear. The blood of a champion surges through your heart. When you accept these truths and trust in the almighty then you are truly set apart. Welcome the wind when it blows over you and you begin to feel tired. Push forward and through your adversity shout “this is my proving ground and I’m here to do work!”


~Tactical Moses 2016